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        • 2000


          In 2000, the relocation of the Haidian Wuluju production start team was put into production in the form of a factory.

        • 2003


          At the end of 2003, he moved to Houxinzhuang Industrial Zone, Huangcun Town, Daxing District. Signed the public construction project Wukesong Biological Center Project

        • 2006


          In 2006, the sheet metal workshop was established. Undertake Wukesong Culture and Sports Center, Wukesong Basketball Hall, Zhuozhan Shopping Center and other projects.

        • 2008


          In 2008, we built a corporate brand image and planned trademark registration and brand promotion.

        • 2010


          In 2010, the company's annual output value exceeded 10 million.

        • 2012

          2012年签订首创置业合同 开始执行西安首创国际城五期六期项目供货。

          In 2012, the contract for the first purchase of property was signed and began to implement Xi'an First International City's five-phase six-phase project supply.

        • 2013


          In 2013, Harbin International Agricultural Innovation Center, the tallest building in Songbei District, Harbin, was signed. In the same year, the company's annual output value reached 60 million.

        • 2014


          In 2014, it established a strategic partnership with Vanke Enterprise Group, the leading real estate company in China.

        • 2015

          2015年与中国金茂集团签订战略合作协议。同年被评为优秀供货单位 被ABB集团授予金牌合作伙伴

          In 2015, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Jinmao Group. In the same year, it was rated as an excellent supplier. It was awarded a gold partner by ABB Group.

        • 2016


          In 2016, it was rated as an excellent cooperation unit by Vanke Project. Awarded an excellent cooperation disc factory by Shanghai Liangxin. Authorized by ABB to produce MNS-E series power distribution equipment.

        • 2017

          2017年再次被金茂集团评为优秀供应商,被施耐德评为快速增长单位,并授权生产prisma E系列配电设备。与西门子签订战略合作协议授予紧密合作伙伴关系

          In 2017, it was once again rated as an excellent supplier by Jinmao Group, and was rated as a fast-growing unit by Schneider and authorized to produce prisma E series power distribution equipment. Signed a back-to-back ratio cooperation agreement with Siemens to grant close partnership.

        • 2018

          2018年立阳年产值突破亿元。响应国家政策立阳电气有限公司迁址大兴区马朱路。成立 立阳电气(天津)有限公司入住天津市蓟州区建立2个优秀的团队。同年再次被金茂集团评为优秀供应商。

          In 2018, Liyang's annual output value exceeded 100 million yuan. In response to the national policy Liyang Electric Co. Ltd. relocated to Zhulu, Daxing District. Liyang Electric(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established to establish two excellent teams in Zhangzhou District, Tianjin. In the same year, it was once again rated as an excellent supplier by Jinmao Group.

        • 2019


          Looking to the future, realizing your dreams, let us work together...

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